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An important
supplementary component
In addition to basic insurance, every Swiss citizen has the choice of
taking out supplementary insurance. But in which area is it worth
taking out additional insurance, and which health insurance offer is
the right one? Find out everything you need to know about
supplementary insurance at

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Your individual supplementary insurance in comparison

Everyone wants to get the best possible protection with supplementary insurance. Often the package solutions of health insurance companies are opaque and
charge high premiums. To make sure you find precisely the supplementary insurance you need, it’s worth comparing on

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It is best to take half an hour. Write down your specific needs and expectations on the PC or on a piece of paper.


Fill out the form completely. Do not forget the following important points: the amount of the deductible, the insurance model and, if required, an accident coverage


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The supplementary health insurance: As individual as your life

Your basic insurance covers you in case of need. This includes the most important point of basic care, namely in the event of illness. It also covers you in the event of an accident and for expectant mothers. However, basic care does not cover all health components by far. Especially in the area of dentistry and optometry, high co-payments are often required. To ensure that your own contribution does not present you with an insurmountable challenge, it is worth taking out voluntary supplementary insurance. Especially if you have to go to the hospital for a more extended stay, you will incur high costs that need to be covered.

The supplementary hospital insurance

The advantages of supplementary hospital insurance are obvious. For example,
you can take advantage of treatment in a hospital not located in your canton of
residence. The supplementary hospital insurance is available in two different
variants, the semi-private and the private. With the full variant, the private
supplementary hospital insurance, you can claim a room with a single bed. With
the semi-private variant, you still get a two-bedroom instead of a multi-bedroom.

Are supplementary outpatient insurances worthwhile?

Whether supplementary insurance is beneficial depends on what additional
protection you need. Supplementary outpatient insurance includes, for example,
the option of taking out insurance for optometry. This is particularly useful if you
wear glasses anyway. In this way, you are spared high costs for visual aids if
necessary. Even laser operations are covered. In the outpatient supplementary
insurance, you will find alternative medicine, treatment costs abroad, coverage of
rescue and transport costs, and coverage of non-mandatory medications as
additional options.
Dental treatment is probably the most important additional module, as both its costs
and those for corrections are covered.

The conclusion of supplementary insurance

The Insurance Contract Act, abbreviated VVG, is responsible for the design
of supplementary insurance and has stipulated that there is no obligation to
enroll in this type of insurance. This means that an insurer does not have to
register you in supplemental insurance. For this reason, most health insurance
companies require you to pass a health exam before you can take out the
Premiums for supplemental insurance are based primarily on your health
status. Your age, gender and pre-existing conditions play an important role.
Another factor is that your supplementary insurance can be canceled after an
insured event has been settled by the health insurance company.

Are you all set now?

The it’s time to compare the health insurance premiums.