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Supplemental Health Insurance Switzerland and their Cost

Basic health insurance covers most medical emergency requirements but not everything. For example, dental care is not part of the mandatory health insurance coverage. supplemental insurance is voluntary insurance that also includes provisions for private healthcare and out-patient medical services.

supplemental insurance is not uniform, and depends on the provider. There is a voluntary health checkup for the policyholder when applying for this type of insurance. Factors such as age and current state of health play a huge part in determining the premiums for supplemental insurance.

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PrimApp - Benefits of Supplemental Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland

Benefits to consider while comparing supplemental insurance providers and premiums

Benefits and premiums are determined by the insurance provider and can vary a lot.Furthermore, unlike basic insurance, the insurance companies are not obligated to accept all applications. For medical related services such as dental treatment, medication, and gym memberships, supplemental insurance is the only solution.They usually share the criteria for different supplemental insurance packages, and you can check if you are eligible for such packages before you apply. But premiums depend on your age and health risks a determined by the voluntary health checkup.

So, if you are wondering if supplemental insurance is worth it, PrimApp offers you the most neutral comparison solution to decide the best supplemental insurance for your needs. supplemental insurance involves outpatient insurance (where the patient need not stay overnight at the hospital) and hospital insurance (if such stay is required). Though it is not necessary to avail basic and supplemental insurance from the same provider, most supplemental insurance providers also offer great discounts if you go for it. It would be a good idea to explore this when comparing health insurance packages from different providers on the PrimApp insurance comparison calculator.

How to Compare Supplemental Health Insurance Comparison

List Your Requirements

Make sure that you take time to list down all your medical requirements, such as eye care, dental, gyms, and health centers.

Filter and Sort Criteria

Use the PrimApp comparison table to enter your relevant requirements, and use filter and sort categories to find the most applicable supplemental health insurance packages from different providers.

Calculate the Value from Different Packages

It is important to calculate how much value you can get from different packages depending on your need. For example, buying glasses or contact lenses will be a recurring cost, whereas medical stay will not be that common. So, calculate the value accordingly and then check the cost of the premiums. This gives you a cost vs. benefit ratio. Whichever package provides the lowest ratio would be the right supplemental health insurance coverage for you. This will also give you the answer to is supplemental health insurance worth it.

Supplemental Health Insurance for Outpatient

Treatment that does not require overnight stay is called outpatient treatment. supplemental health insurance for outpatient services includes fitness, wellness, additional health checkups, costs for glasses and contact lenses, dental treatment, nursing care, alternative medicine, psychotherapy, etc.

Supplemental Hospital Insurance

Those who prefer greater comfort and privacy during hospital stays can choose supplemental insurance of choice. Basically, there are two choices for hospital stay with supplemental insurance

Private Health Insurance

With this supplemental health insurance plan, the policyholder is entitled to a private room during any hospital stay. This also includes a greater choice during meals and may also include preferred choice of chief doctors and higher qualified staff.

Semi-Private Health Insurance

This type of supplemental health insurance carries fewer benefits, but obviously costs less. This entitles the policyholder to a cost coverage for a two-bed hospital room and the care of a senior doctor


Do I need to get supplemental health insurance?

The simple answer is no. It is not mandatory to avail supplemental insurance above the basic insurance. It is entirely voluntary and is offered to cover those medical costs that would be beyond the scope of basic health insurance.

Why would I need supplemental health insurance?

Depending on your individual medical needs, supplemental health insurance can be very beneficial. Though you can’t pick and choose all your requirements, there are a wide range of supplemental health insurance packages that offer different combinations of coverages.

Is it necessary to get basic and supplemental insurance from the same provider?

Depending on your individual medical needs, supplemental health insurance can be very beneficial. Though you can’t pick and choose all your requirements, there are a wide range of supplemental health insurance packages that offer different combinations of coverages.

How can I switch to a different supplemental insurance?

As your medical needs change, you may want to compare your supplemental health insurance packages with other providers and opt for a different one. In which case, it is better to apply for the new insurance while you are covered with the existing supplemental insurance. Only after you are accepted should you consider terminating your existing coverage. This is important since insurance providers do not have to accept every application. You can also check your existing insurance policy to understand the terms of notice for a quick and seamless transition to your new insurance coverage.

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