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The optimal health insurance in Switzerland

The Health Insurance Act stipulates that the basic insurance has some conditions for all policyholders. Nevertheless, choosing a health insurance company is difficult, because each insurer has its own characteristics and advantages. To choose the best health insurance for you, a neutral comparison is the best solution.

With a few clicks to the optimal offer


It is best to take half an hour. Write down your specific needs and expectations on the PC or on a piece of paper.


Fill out the form completely. Do not forget the following important points: the amount of the deductible, the insurance model and, if required, an accident coverage


Now do the actual premium comparison. Compare the offers of the different providers. Also take a look at the corresponding benefits

Tips for choosing the optimal health insurance

There are currently so many health insurance companies in Switzerland that it is possible to find one that suits your
needs exactly. However, before you choose a health insurance company, it is worth considering a few essential points:

How much should the monthly premium be?

The amount of the health insurance premium depends on various factors, for example, the age,
the amount of the deductible, the insurance model, etc. Moreover, health insurance companies
adjust their premiums annually. With the online health insurance comparison, you will get a
complete overview. And so, you can easily compare the different selection criteria. This is
the basis for you to find the health insurance that best fits your current needs.

How important are quality and benefits for me?

Quality always plays a role if you want to benefit from the services of a health insurance company
more often. There are various elements, such as response times or whether the information you
receive from the health insurance company is clear and understandable. Look on the net to see if
there is already a satisfaction survey for the health insurance company in question. Or ask an
acquaintance which health insurance company he has chosen and whether he is satisfied with the

Which insurance model suits me best?

Some insurance models offer savings of up to 25 percent compared to standard models. However, there are certain
conditions, for example, in the choice of doctor. In general, however, there are no major restrictions. The high-quality
medical care in Switzerland guarantees that it doesn’t make much difference whether you go to a specialist or a family
doctor on your first visit. In the HMO model, you will be cared for in a group practice with different doctors; in the family doctor
model, the family doctor is your first point of contact in any case. In the Telmed model, you must first call a service number.

Are you all set now?

The it’s time to compare the health insurance premiums.