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Basic Health Insurance Comparison Switzerland - Coverage and Cost

Since 1996, Switzerland has mandatory basic health insurance where every resident must take out compulsory health insurance. There are a wide range of insurance providers who have to provide equal benefits as decided by the FOPH, but the premiums can vary. Another point to remember is that annual premiums usually increase every year, which provides an opportunity for policyholders to compare different providers and choose the best plan as per their needs.

Switzerland has one of the highest rates of premiums, but they are worth it as they provide one of the best in global levels of healthcare. Basic insurance is adequate to cover most of the basic sickness, accidents, and also maternity care. It is important to note that every family member has to be individually insured, though many insurance providers offer good benefits if the family holds policies from the same company.

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As health insurance costs keep rising every year, it is important that you calculate your premiums beforehand to ensure that it is the lowest possible for all your medical needs. Most people simply renew their insurance and pay the higher premiums which is a mistake. It would be better that you conduct this exercise before renewal, since you are only allowed to change your insurance provider once a year. When you use PrimApp’s insurance premium comparison engine, you can save around 2,000 francs a year in medical costs.

PrimApp’s insurance premium comparison engine uses thousands of insurance data pieces to suggest the best plans for your requirements. Moreover, the process is completely neutral which is crucial to help you arrive at the right decisions. The goal is to choose the cheapest basic health insurance in Switzerland at the lowest possible costs. With our comparison tool, you can select your choice of deductible, accident cover, your preferred insurance model such as standard, general practitioner, HMO, or any other option.

Compare Basic Health Insurance in 3 simple steps:

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Enter PolicyHolder Data
This includes year of birth, residence canton (state), preferred accident coverage (Y/N), and your preferred deductible amount.
Compare Health Insurance Premiums
Filter and sort criteria to compare different insurance providers and their premiums. You can explore customer ratings, repayment timelines, premium developments, and other factors to choose cheapest health insurance in Switzerland.
Get Quotes Directly online
You can apply to the insurance providers of choice and receive free health insurance quotes online, so you can choose the best plan for you.
Basic health insurance
Basic health insurance
With basic insurance in Switzerland, you can opt for your preferred mode of doctor consultation. Premiums vary according to the mode you choose, and you can save significantly with the right mode
Standard Basic Health Insurance
Standard Basic Health Insurance
This is the most widely used insurance model that is offered by all the insurance providers. Through this model you can choose from the approved list of doctors and hospitals throughout Switzerland. Mainly, it provides the benefit that you can consult with any specialist without restrictions. But the disadvantage is that this is the most expensive model for basic insurance.
HMO - Health Maintenance Organization
HMO - Health Maintenance Organization
Basically, HMO is an association of doctors and specialists who are designated as the first point of contact for any health issue. The policyholder must consult with them, and they will direct you to a specialist in case it is needed. With this model, the premiums can be as low as 20% compared to the standard model, but it is not widely available, especially in the rural areas.
General Practitioner - GP
General Practitioner - GP
You will be assigned a GP by the insurance provider who will be your first point of contact for all your medical issues. Though the premiums are lower than the standard model, the general practitioner will be responsible for your health, and only he/ she can approve your visit to a specialist. So if you have preferred doctors or healthcare centers, this model may not work for you.
Telemedicine or Telmed
Telemedicine or Telmed
Policyholders are provided a consultation hotline in case of medical requirements, where the further course of action is decided. Whether you want to have a personal consultation with the appropriate doctor or specialist, that will have to be approved by the telemedicine consultants. The main disadvantage is that this method of remote consultation may not be sufficient for accurate diagnosis, though the premiums can be significantly lower.

With a few clicks to the optimal offer

Save Time
It is best to take half an hour. Write down your specific needs and expectations on the PC or on a piece of paper.
Fill the Form
Fill out the form completely. Do not forget the following important points: the amount of the deductible, the insurance model.
Save Money
Now do the actual premium comparison. Compare the offers of the different providers. Also take a look at the corresponding benefits

What does the basic health insurance in Switzerland cover?

Mandatory health insurance in Switzerland covers the cost of examination, diagnosis, and any follow-up treatment that is needed. As per the KVG Act, the policyholder is entitled to the following benefits:

Treatment by a doctor:

All treatment provided by a doctor is covered by the mandatory health insurance such as physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, home care, etc. Psychotherapy is only covered under certain conditions.

Alternative treatment therapies:

Homeopathy and traditional medicine can be covered by mandatory health insurance but only by those practitioners who are certified and are approved by the insurance provider.

Stay at the hospital

Emergency hospital stays, outpatient, and inpatient stay at the general ward are covered by mandatory health insurance.

Preventive health requirements

Vaccinations, health and development check-ups for pre-school children, preliminary gynecology examinations, and preventive examinations for breast cancer and colon cancer are covered in basic health insurance.

Pregnancy and maternity cover

Seven routine examinations, two ultrasound examinations, and other related tests are covered, though depending on the risks involved, more examinations can be approved. Basic insurance also covers the cost of delivery at the hospital or at home with approved midwives, as well as postnatal consultations and care in case of any complications.

How to minimize the cost of basic health insurance premiums in Switzerland?

Premiums have been rising every year, but with the right comparison engine such as PrimApp, you can choose the cheapest basic health insurance available in Switzerland for your individual requirements. Make a note of all your medical needs, enter the data, select your preferences, and you can arrive at the relevant basic insurance packages that are right for you. You can further sort and filter your criteria to make sure that you have maximum returns for your healthcare premiums.

How do I change my health insurance plan?

You cannot cancel your basic health insurance plan without changing to a different provider. Each insurance provider would have a definite notice period that you can find in your policy, which you must observe while changing your insurance plan. You can download the cancellation form on their website, fill it up, and send it by registered post at least a month before the change.

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