Change health insurance

Before you change your health insurance company, you should
compare the premiums of different health insurance companies.
This way you will find a favorable insurer that fits your needs. It
is advisable to check whether an alternative model is suitable
for you when comparing insurance companies. Set a so-called
annual deductible (in a certain amount), then you can also

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Would you like to change your health insurance?

Then you can find out below how to do this simply and easily. Is your insurer increasing the monthly premium for your health insurance?
Then, like many other insured persons, you should carry out a comparison of different health insurance companies. Switching to a cheaper
health insurance company can be worthwhile and lead to savings of several hundred or even thousand Swiss francs annually. However, it is
essential to note that different conditions apply to switching between supplementary insurance and basic insurance.

With a few clicks to the optimal offer


It is best to take half an hour. Write down your specific needs and expectations on the PC or on a piece of paper.


Fill out the form completely. Do not forget the following important points: the amount of the deductible, the insurance model and, if required, an accident coverage


Now do the actual premium comparison. Compare the offers of the different providers. Also take a look at the corresponding benefits

Changing health insurers easier than ever before

Many policyholders no longer simply accept increases in their health insurance premiums without taking action but act instead. Every
policyholder can change their health insurance company and thus avoid the premium increase. To ensure that a change of basic insurance
and supplementary insurance goes smoothly, knowing the conditions is crucial. At, you can find out how to
proceed and what you should pay attention to.

Procedure for changing health insurance companies

As an insured person, you must be informed of the upcoming contributions by your health insurance
company by October 31. Your health insurance company must always send you the contribution
notice in writing. As soon as you have received the letter, you have the opportunity to think about
changing your basic insurance. You can change until December 31. A comparison of the individual
health insurance companies can be worthwhile and provides an overview. It is often valuable to set a
higher annual deductible to save much money

Changing your health insurance: Deadlines for basic insurance with a regular deductible rate

Once you have chosen a regular deductible rate for your basic insurance,
different notice periods apply. You have additional deadlines to cancel
your basic insurance if you have a 300 franc deductible. For your
cancellation to be effective June 30, you must give three months’ notice.
Send your notice in time so that your health insurance company receives
it by March 31. Your health insurance company will not accept late

Change of health insurance: The supplementary insurance and the notice periods

You can cancel both your basic insurance and your supplementary
insurance individually. This means, for example, that you can only cancel
your basic insurance without losing your supplementary insurance. You
can keep this independent of your basic insurance. The same scheme
applies in the opposite direction. There are no rigid requirements regarding
termination periods. Accordingly, each insurance company can
contractually stipulate its cancellation periods individually in connection
with the supplementary insurance. In case of any ambiguity, you will find
all details regarding the termination of your supplementary insurance in
the contract documents. Other deadlines apply in the event of a premium
increase. As soon as your health insurance company increases the
premiums for your supplementary insurance, you have a one-month notice

Are you all set now?

The it’s time to compare the health insurance premiums.