Why Do I Need Health Insurance In Switzerland?

Anyone living in Switzerland must have health insurance. The Swiss government requires all foreign nationals to get at least a basic health insurance coverage within three months of entering the country. According to the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG), all health insurance providers in Switzerland must provide the same set of benefits known as “compulsory basic insurance.” So, Health Insurance in Switzerland is mandatory and you have to get at least basic health insurance in Switzerland

Know about Swiss Health Insurance

Despite its reputation as one of Europe’s top healthcare systems, Switzerland’s myriad of public, subsidised private, and entirely private health insurance alternatives might be confusing at first. After enrolling in Swiss health insurance, international residents can seek reimbursement for Swiss medical care.

What is Basic Health Insurance Switzerland?

Having at least the bare minimum of health insurance coverage is obligatory in Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Care (LAMal/KVG) governs what is colloquially known as basic insurance. The government does not oversee a unified system of health insurance and therefore it is mandatory to buy basic health insurance Switzerland from third parties. However, if you do not buy health insurance in Switzerland, your canton’s government will do it for you and you will have to pay the hefty amount or double the premium amount for the same insurance plan.

Benefit of Basic Health Insurance Switzerland

Benefits for illness, accidents, and pregnancies are all covered by mandatory and basic health insurance. Medical and nursing care, as well as various non-medical services, fall under this category. However, the health insurance company only steps in to help in the event of an accident if the insured individual has no other coverage. It also includes coverage for preventative healthcare services. Hence, it’s important to do a health insurance comparison in Switzerland and get the insurance plan who is nearest and may provide you quickest coverage.

All mandatory health insurance plans must offer the same set of benefits to all policyholders and treat them equally, as required by law. Insurance companies also can’t pay for any “voluntary” extras like counselling or yoga classes.

Services that are shown to be effective, helpful, and reasonably priced are the only ones that may be included in mandatory health insurance plans. The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) programme assesses both novel and established services that may fall short of these standards.

A service provider (such as a doctor) has a duty to advise the patient if the services they are providing are not covered by the patient’s mandated health insurance.

Know the other reasons why you need Health Insurance in Switzerland

Combat Lifestyle Diseases

Chronic illnesses caused by poor life choices are on the rise, especially among those under the age of 45. Conditions once thought to be mostly affecting the elderly, such as diabetes, obesity, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular disease, are becoming common among the younger population as well. Sedentary behaviour, stress, pollution, poor nutrition, excessive reliance on electronic devices, and lack of self-discipline all play a role in the development of these disorders.

While taking preventative steps can help fight and control these diseases, the financial burden of an outbreak can be difficult to bear. Choosing to invest in a health insurance plan that covers routine medical examinations can aid in the early detection of certain diseases and make it simpler to deal with medical costs.

Health Insurance Secures your Family

If you’re looking for a good health insurance plan, one option is to cover your whole family under a single plan. Make sure to do this through health insurance comparison switzerland. Think about your dependent children and your ageing parents, both of whom are more at risk from disease. If you have good health insurance, you won’t have to worry about how to pay for their medical care if something unexpected happens to them.

Coverage of Several Expenses

The rising cost of not just traditional medical care but also OPD (out-patient department) fees and diagnostic testing makes it all the more important to obtain health insurance. Not only do medical insurance pay for hospital stays, but they also cover outpatient care and diagnostic testing before and beyond the policy’s defined waiting period.

Covers Various Essential Services

Physical therapy, along with routine medical care, is one of the therapies that are paid for under compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. Some specialised medical care is not covered, and individuals with a higher risk profile will pay more rates. Prescription glasses and contact lenses up to CHF 180 per year are covered by compulsory health insurance in Switzerland for children under the age of 18. As an added bonus, coverage is extended to those with severe vision impairments. Plus, it includes both routine and unexpected medical care in the event of an emergency.

Helps in Combating Medical Inflation

The expense of healthcare is rising in tandem with the prevalence of various ailments as well as the advancements in medical technology. It’s also essential to remember that the cost of healthcare extends well beyond institutional settings like hospitals. Medical services, including visits to the doctor, diagnostic procedures, transportation to and from the hospital, surgery, anaesthesia, medications, supplies, and room and board, are also rising at an alarming rate. All of them have the potential to seriously impact your budget if you aren’t ready for them. You may protect yourself against the rising costs of medical care and yet receive the care you need by paying a manageable annual fee for health insurance.

Aids you in Safeguarding your monetary savings

Expenses are another source of exhaustion while dealing with health issues, in addition to the emotional pain and worry that might be brought on by an unexpected sickness. You may avoid draining your resources to pay for medical bills if you invest in a good health insurance plan. No need to worry about getting reimbursed either, as some insurance plans give for cashless treatment. Your money can go toward things like a down payment on a house, tuition for your kids’ college, and retirement. You can save even more money thanks to tax breaks that come with having health insurance.

What is the price of health insurance in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, health insurance premiums are typically paid monthly and can range widely between different providers. Therefore, it’s a necessity to do a health insurance comparison in Switzerland. Various variables, such as rising healthcare expenses and corporate debt, are considered in Switzerland’s annual review of health insurance premiums. Since not all businesses succeed in recouping their expenses, premiums may fluctuate substantially from one year to the next. For instance, in 2017, premiums grew by an average of 4.5 percent across all cantons, while the premiums of certain low-cost providers jumped by as much as 15 to 20 percent.

How to get Swiss Health Insurance if you are unemployed or a low income earner?

Those who are jobless or living on a limited income may be eligible for a subsidy that lowers their monthly payment. Eligibility and the monetary reduction offered by this programme are both determined on a canton-by-cantonal basis. In most cases, you will hear from your cantonal authority about possible subsidy eligibility after submitting your yearly tax return. If you think you may be eligible for a subsidy, you may also inquire with your local canton.


Health Insurance is kind of mandatory these days. Furthermore, the Swiss government makes it an obligation for everyone to have health insurance in Switzerland. Moreover, there are several benefits of having one. Thus, you must get health insurance in Switzerland and without purchasing one make sure to do health insurance comparison Switzerland so that you can get the best deal for you and your family

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